This site is a resource for collecting, archiving, consulting and building a network for scholars and researchers, who are interested in studying popular print culture. Currently, the website hosts digitalized copies of popular print materials collected from the city of Kolkata during the summer of 2009 (May-July) and documents how these materials are sold in the public spaces.
This site as well as the field trip that provided the materials for this digital space, is part of an extended project that researches on the role of popular print in modern city life in the context of Kolkata. “Who reads what, how, when and where” are the basic questions, which are targeted in this study. Through qualitative interviews and ethnographic observations, the research attempted to understand the influence of these popular print materials in configuring the city culture.
The research focused mostly on the roadside bookstalls, both permanent and temporary and the roaming hawkers and vendors to record the ‘lived experience’ of reading and print.
This website and research has been generously supported by Prof. Gary Kelly, who is the co-ordinator of “Six Continents And Between”, a meta project that engages in comparative study of print culture from around the globe.


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